Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go My Son (and Daughter)

Living Legends will be holding a reunion at the end of March and as part of the reunion they will be showcasing a few dances from the children of the alumni. Aurora and Enrique will be dancing from Chiapas and Michoacan.
Saturday we tried on costumes, Aurora fell in love with her dress and insisted on wearing it to practice in. Since the other little girl her age was doing the same, we gave it a go. When I told Seth about this, he said, "So she's a real girl?" Yep, all girls love to look and feel pretty and Aurora is definitely one of them.
Aurora loves dance practice and asks about it during the week. It brings me great joy to see my children enjoying something that I love so much.
I was really grateful to the mother of the other little girl for helping them dance. It allowed me to get some nice pictures of them together.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brothers at Play

Enrique was kind of down yesterday, no real reason as far as we could find, just having one of those days. All until he started playing with Joaquin. Joaquin was playing with his elephants and I told Rique that Joaquin would like it if he played with him. Of course Joaquin loved it and that lifted Rique's spirits.I love watching my children play by themselves for the first times, I hadn't ever seen Joaquin play with animals and make noises before, it was very sweet. Enrique was also very good at Zebra noises, he didn't get it from me.
We talked about how helping others makes us feel good and that if we're feeling sad, it might help to find a way we can do something good for another person.
I love all the sounds that boys make while playing, I don't know where they come up with them.

The animals are trying to destroy each other, this makes the boys happy, and me too.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aurora's Christmas Disco

We had fun creating our JibJab Disco Christmas and then Aurora enjoyed dancing to it afterward. I think this girl has rhythm, I love her!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aurora sings Nephi's Courage

I do believe that Aurora is loving all the attention she gets from singing. Her aunts, uncles, cousins & grandparents all ask her to sing her two songs over and over again, we've got to add some more to her repertoire.
I too think she is incredibly adorable and talented. My favorite is when she hits her high notes. Watch her face when she sings "do". I love this girl.

Seth's Birthday!

We had a fun time at Fuddruckers for Family Night. We love enjoying all the freebies you get for your birthday. Seth had a burrito from Rubios for lunch and a burger from Fuddruckers today, all free! We are still looking forward to Baskin Robbins, Tucanos, Del Taco & IHOP!

Joaquin had fun playing with his fishing pole when we got home.
The guy asked what he wanted and Enrique requested a fire breathing dragon complete with wings. I was a little worried that he had asked for too much, but the balloon guy was an artist and created this amazing thing. The kids were completely mesmerized during the entire process. I have to admit that Seth and I were pretty captivated too. I think we'll be back.
Aurora loves her balloon flower!
We love Seth and are happy to celebrate another year with him. He was very fortunate to get a gift card to IN&OUT as well as the Last Airbender and an Orange (his favorite).
We celebrated Seth's birthday at our home with all the Granados'
Luscious Pumpkin Layer cake & Chocolate Peanut Banana Cake

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aurora sings the Temple song

Whenever we drive back from Orem, the kids like to see who can see our temple first. The winner starts us singing "I love to See the Temple". Enrique started this tradition and just from the car rides, Aurora has learned the song. This is the first time she's sung it all the way threw by herself with no help. I love her!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October is over

Seth was off for about a week in October and decided it was finally time for Rique to ride his bike that he got for his birthday in February. It was the quickest thing I ever saw. Rique sat down, Seth gave him a push and Rique rode his bike. This video was taken minutes after he learned to ride his bike. Go Rique!