Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go My Son (and Daughter)

Living Legends will be holding a reunion at the end of March and as part of the reunion they will be showcasing a few dances from the children of the alumni. Aurora and Enrique will be dancing from Chiapas and Michoacan.
Saturday we tried on costumes, Aurora fell in love with her dress and insisted on wearing it to practice in. Since the other little girl her age was doing the same, we gave it a go. When I told Seth about this, he said, "So she's a real girl?" Yep, all girls love to look and feel pretty and Aurora is definitely one of them.
Aurora loves dance practice and asks about it during the week. It brings me great joy to see my children enjoying something that I love so much.
I was really grateful to the mother of the other little girl for helping them dance. It allowed me to get some nice pictures of them together.

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